Singapore River

As we went up to the second floor, we saw the History about Singapore River 

Boat Quay is located along the Singapore River.
The Singapore River has been the centre of trade since modern Singapore was founded in 1819. During the colonel era, Boat Quay was the commercial centre where barge lighters would transport goods upstream to warehouse at Clarke Quay.
At the height of its prosperity, dozens bumboats jostled for mooring space beside Clarke Quay. This continued well into the later half of the twentieth century. By this time, the Singapore River had also become very polluted. The government decided to relocate cargo services to a new modern facility in Pasir Panjang. The bumboats and lorries departed to their new home and Clarke Quay fell silent.
The government then cleaned up the Singapore River and its environment from 1977 to 1987. Plans were made to revamp the area and turn it into a flourishing commercial, residential and entertainment precinct. These plans took into serious consideration the historical value of Clarke Quay, making it mandatory that new buildings complement the historical character of the area and that certain old buildings be restored.
Clarke Quay Festival Village, the biggest conversation project for the Singapore River, was developed and officially opened on 10 December 1993. In later years, Clarke Quay was managed and owned by CapitalLand.

Ten years later, works were commenced to revamp the Clarke Quay area in order to give the place a better tenant mix. The development also saw major changes to the exterior and riverside areas. The Satay Club and a number of establishments vacated Clarke Quay to make way for new tenants. The upgraded Clarke Quay features the Zicra, The Clinic, Forbidden City by the IndoChinese group and the whole development was completed in October 2006.
The Clarke Quay area at present is drastically different from the preservation/conservation effort from 1993.

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