Asian Civilisation Museum

                                           Asian Civilisation Museum

From the front:

The grand architecture of the Asian Civilisation Museum.

The back :

We first approach the ticket counter where our group got the sticker to access the places.

Our entry pass to the Asian Civilisation Museum.

        3 Artefacts inside the Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM) 
      *Some photos/sentence will explain other photos that are above it*

The above picture shows a shirt that the people in the past wore daily. People such as fishermen wore these shirts to sea when they go fishing too.

Some highlights of Changsha bowl:
Bowl with poetic inscription
The lively brushwork of the Changsha artists appears almost calligraphic. Some inscriptions simply state the function of the piece: "tea bowl", for instance. Others were scribbled haphazardly and may have been used just for practice. Poetry enjoyed a golden age in Tang China and this bowl is inscribed with a verse that expresses the sorrow of parting.

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