Yong Hong:
I feel that this was a meaningful trip as I got to reinforce my memory on the historical landmarks in the center business district e.g Anderson Bridge. When we went into the museum, i also got to reinforce my memory on the olden days of Singapore and the rest of South East Asia. We also saw many artifacts like pottery, gold, daggers, clothes and cloth. We managed to link it back to our lesson objective and complete the task. I did have a problem locating my group members at the Singapore river initially but my group mates located me and guided me to Singapore river. I enjoyed the trip :D


What I enjoyed most when working on this task?

I enjoyed walking along the Singapore River in order to learn more about the past of Singapore and the significance of the various buildings there. I managed to know more of the things in the area too.

What were some of the challenges we faced?

One of the challenges we faced was when there was another kindergarden which was there and so we had to take some time for them to move aside before we could take our pictures. Another challenge was in the museum which was crowded in certain areas and so struggled to take some pictures.

Describe one area that you think your group could do better if given the opportunity to do it again.

I would redo our experience in the museum as we took many pictures which we did not use and had not planned out before hand what we were going to do and what we had to take down and focus on.

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